Sunday, October 28th, 2018

A $30 per person registration/entry fee (this is currently an estimate) will be charged to help cover the costs of organizing and running the competition. Lunch, coffee, and light refreshment will be provided for the participants of competition. The registration fee will be collected only on site; cash or checks will be accepted. Please make checks payable to “Kansas State University”. We highly recommend that each blue team leader collects the registration fee from each team member and writes only one check for the entire team.

Competing Blue Teams:

[1st Place] Louisiana Hot Snakes — University of Kansas
[2nd place] Bit Decay — Fontbonne University
[3rd place] Jayhackers — University of Kansas
Fontbonne Unicorns — Fontbonne University
KSU CDC — Kansas State University


7:30 am – 9:00 am Check-in and light refreshments
8:30 am – 8:45 am Welcome
White team briefing
8:45 am – 4:00 pm Competition
11:30 am – 1:30 pm Lunch
4:00 pm – 4:30 pm Closing remarks
Debriefing: Red and White teams
Award ceremony

Additional Information:

To prepare for the competition, each blue team should have a team leader and a faculty advisor. (The team leader should complete the registration form.) Each blue team can have a maximum of eight (8) student team members, including the team leader. The faculty advisor cannot assist the blue team during the competition.

Each blue team should bring two power strips to use during the competition. Additionally, blue teams have the option of bringing one monitor to use during the competition.

Each student blue team member should bring a laptop and an Ethernet cable. The laptop needs to have the ability to connect to Ethernet or you need to bring an Ethernet adapter that will work for the laptop. Wi-Fi will be available in case of unforeseen connectivity problems, but bandwidth will be limited and we cannot guarantee good wireless connectivity. It is also recommended that every laptop be able to connect to remote machines via both RDP and SSH. The recommended software is as follows:

Microsoft Windows Users: Windows Remote Desktop Client, PuTTY
Linux Users: Remmina and the RDP client plug-in, OpenSSH client

Additionally, each laptop should have an up-to-date Firefox and/or Chrome browser.

Blue team documents are available for download in PDF format. Please set up your basic competition environment on your laptop and familiarize yourselves with the rules before you arrive at the competition. This will significantly reduce your learning time and maximize your achievement during the competition.

Good luck everyone!